Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lions, and tigers, and eating disorders. OH MY!

THIN. Its the new fashion. Being thin is being beatiful, and if you're beautiful then you're satisfied, right? That is the message that people are getting today, that beauty comes from being thin, but what is so great about being skinny? This problem has become so out of control that girls, and boys, are going to extremes to get there. That's right, I am talking about eating disorders. With all of the picture perfect airbrushed models in the magazines, its not wonder people feel flawed. The models in these magazines are fake, but girls, as well as boys, across the nation feel the need to achieve their artificial "perfection". But since there is no air brishing in real life, people need to find other, more elaborate ways, of becoming perfect. Excess make-up, refusing to eat, whitening teeth, buying expensive clothes... but how and when does this bring you beauty? The dictionary definition of beauty is; the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure, or deep satisfaction to the mind. A physical quality may be beautiful, but looks aren't what beauty is all about. Beauty can be found in kindness, love, even humor. If this is true, why are so many people starving themseleves to reach "beauty" if beauty is more than looks? The pressure to be thin is increasing, don't be one to fall into it's grasp. An eating disorder isn't glamor and beauty, it is torture. You start it with the thought that you are in control, but so quickly the control switches and you are the one being over powered. It will control every bit of your life, not just with food, but with friends, family, school, happiness... It is not glamorous living, it is torturous! Don't try to shape yourself into the mold that this world made impossible for you to fit in.

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