Sunday, May 31, 2009

Balboa Beach

I went to the beach today for the first time in 2 years. LONG over-due. I went with my sister and my nephew. Here are a few pics from it. My nephew is the CUTEST!

He has the MOST beautiful blue eyes. I love Him!!! :)

He calls them "Crack-uhhrs" Lol :)

He was rocking the shades on the car ride over.

My first beach picture of the year! :) (More to come!)

We were sitting and watching the waves and every time a wave would crash my nephew would say "WOOOOW!" He was so amazed. Even little children are amazed at God's creation!

The format of this blog is probably whack, because I did some weird spaces between the pictures, but yea.. sorry. I love the beach. Balboa is my fave. I got to walk down the pier and down the boardwalk. Today was simply lovely. :)

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