Monday, May 11, 2009

Toes- First Attempt

Today I went to the store and I saw that they had a pretty good deal on nail polish, so I jumped on the opportunity and bought a bottle of white nail polish and clear. I have decided that I want to try and give myself a pedicure with a french tip (For you guys who have no idea what that is, I will post a picture at the end of this blog.)

Well, I came home and got busy, but I just spend the last 20 minutes attempting to give myself a pedicure. I messed up many times, but finally, it was a success!! :)

Yay for cheap nail polish and free pedicures!! :)


Liz! said...

you did a really good job! free pedicures are the best! =]

aprilmclean said...

Haha... this picture makes it look better than it really is, but I dont think I utterly failed... haha! :)

Bethany said...

Good job! Beautiful feet! :D

aprilmclean said...

:D thanks! (I knew what your comment was going to say before I even posted this blog! ) :D