Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just For Kim

A couple weeks ago my friend Kim posted a blog about how her son was playing with the Nativity scene at their house. She took a picture of how he placed the people. You can read it here.

Well, my nephew was over at my house last night and he decided to play with our Nativity scene. So I decided to post a blog to show Kim his rearranging abilities. :)

Isn't it lovely? He wanted the wise men to keep Jesus warm... I think... haha!

Anyway, that's my blog! :)


Kim said...

Ahhhh a blog just for me:) Thanks! How cute! Kids are so funny!!!

aprilmclean said...

Hahaha! Aren't they? It's funny because we would say "Mason, no." and he goes "Noooo????" shakes his head and steps away for a minute. Then he slowly steps towards it again. haha Oh kids!

Jacob said...

I like the reindeer blanket

aprilmclean said...

It's not a blanket. It's a tree thingy... you know..it goes under the tree... haha :)