Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Promise Of Protection

I am disgusted by the way some people view love. I don't understand how people can see that control and power is considered love. I am talking about molestation and rape. Something I am pretty passionate about stopping. I am just baffled as to how, in many cases, a father can abuse his little girl by taking advantage of her and call it love. It's not love. But it just doesn't make sense to me. A precious little girl, who trusts and loves her daddy, is one day betrayed by him and he calls it "love". The only love that I see in this situation is the love of sin and perversion. It just breaks my heart that things like this are happening. It shouldn't be that way. The relationship between a father and daughter is supposed to be sweet. She is supposed to be able to trust him and he is supposed to be her super hero.

I want every girl to know that regardless of your earthy father, your Daddy in heaven loves and cherishes you so much. You are a treasure to Him. Never will He leave or forsake you. He will never mistreat you in anyway. You can trust completely in Him and He will be faithful. :)