Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New York Love Story

Today I watched the movie "Definitely, Maybe" Starring Ryan Reynolds. I loved it until I found out who the girl's mom was, and then I was angry because he didn't fall for the April girl. (And I don't say that just because she has the same name as me.) And I know that most of you have no idea what I am talking about, but bear with me- the storyline has little to do with what this blog is about. Anyway, in the end, he ends up falling for the April girl and I have dubbed this movie my new fave.

That being said... Here is my blog.

I want a New York love. I realize that every New York love I have ever seen has been in a movie and movies aren't real and are meant to be "perfect", but that is exactly the kind of love I want. The kind where you fall in love with someone and then something happen and you don't talk for a long time. A few months later, you write him a letter telling him how much you love him and every little thing about him that makes you laugh, and makes you happy and you leave it sitting on your desk because you're too afraid to give it to him. But one day you walk in your room and it's gone... You assume it fell in the trash and the trash was taken out... so you forget about it.

In that time you feel like there is something missing and you turn to your extremely prestigious job to fill that void, when one fine day you get a call and it's him. He asks you to coffee at 4:00pm on Friday October 17th. You show up to the coffee shop and you see him standing there waiting for you and your heart is beating so fast, but you don't let him know. You go inside and try to avoid the awkward moment, but the talk of "How have you been?" and "Are you dating anybody" makes that quite inescapable. Then, out of nowhere, he asks you something that brings the awkward beat-around-the-bush small talk into reality. He pulls out the old letter you wrote to him that, all this time, you thought was dropped into the trash never to be seen again. He explains how your sister found the letter and gave it to him; About how he never had to guts to read it until a week ago and wishes he would have read it months ago. He tells you of the life he had been living without you and how he has felt such a void... then he reaches into his laptop bag and pulls out a book- your favorite- and hands it to you. You realize that, not only is it your favorite, but it is a first edition... the one that you had accidentally sold at a yard sale years ago... you start to cry and tell him of how much you missed him and how you knew that, all along, he was the one... You both get up and embrace each other. You both walk towards the door and he cracks a joke (He has to be funny) and you walk into the setting sun of a beautiful Autumn day in New York City.

That's it. That's my New York love story. It involves love, coffee, books, and jokes... what could be more perfect? ;)

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Us and our boys....Walter, ily, Preacher + Savior said...

lol I totally understand your blog... I saw the movie!
Man I was like at the edge of the couch just wondering who the girl's mom would be... lol the suspense!!
Ur funny April... I love you!
Wait for your patient it will be so exciting! I am excited for you!!