Thursday, September 11, 2008

Foul Dilemmas

Within the past few minutes, I have been doing studies on a rapidly growing epidemic. Where does it happen? Everywhere. Who does it affect? Everyone. How can it be stopped? By informing people of it's many dangers. The epidemic I am talking about is none other than Body Oder Intoxication (BOI). It is a serious matter. Millions of people suffer from it every day.

BOI is the breathing in or smelling of one person's unpleasant body odor, resulting in disgust, nausea, horrified faces, and what is most commonly known as "running away in fear." When you sense an odor that isn't pleasant and then suddenly see someone with their arms raised high above their head, it is suggested that you hold your breath and run to the nearest rose bush or perfume store to relieve the effects of the intoxication. If you yourself suffer from body odor, it is commanded that you go to the nearest drug store and buy what is called "Underarm Deodorant." The brand most recommended for women is Secret and for men is Old Spice. Apply product to both underarms liberally. This is a serious problem and if you or someone you know has been exposed to Body Oder in the last 24 hours, please contact your local potpourri store to immediately begin the relieving treatment.

How are you going to help change this? Start by buying deodorant for those in your class, neighborhood, work place, or even the bums in the street, that you may not ever see, but you smell as you walk by. Don't be quiet about this epidemic. Do something to stop it now!


Ashley, Becca, Brittany, Faith, Kylee, Liz, Mariah, Theresa, and Yvonne said...
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Liz! said...

hahaha! you are hilarious! =]

Anonymous said...

you are too funny apple!