Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm April McLean and I approve this message.

I have an addiction... Now, before your mind wanders off and starts to try and guess what sort of addiction it is, let me point out that it is not drug or alcohol related, nor is it sports or music related. No, what I am so infatuated with is much more scandalous; something that most people go to extreme lengths to avoid discussing in a conversation. "What is it?" You ask? I say it loud and I say it proud, my obsession is Politics!!!

My daily routine always includes my morning dose of the FoxNews channel, and my mid-morning dose, and my noon, and mid-noon, and my after noon, and my evening, and my night, and my late night and well, you get the picture. Morning, noon, and night I am constantly watching to see new polls on which presidential nominee is most likely to win the election this November, or what new information has surfaced about where they stand on certain issues. Politics is something that a lot of people don't want to get into, most of the time, because they don't understand it. But the thing is, the majority of those people don't even take the time to try and understand what politicians are standing for. All they do is follow what their friends believe and that is why we need to eliminate ignorance in this election.

So many people, as I have experienced them say, like Obama because he promotes "Change". But do they know what kind of changes he is talking about? Do they really know what change he stands for? I doubt it. His campaign is trying to reach out to the youths of America and is telling them about all of the change and peace that he plans to establish once he is elected, and many people are falling into it and believing that he can make a huge difference. But what young people don't see from their optimistic minds is that he can not realistically make that big of a difference. What he says in his speeches now are things that many politicians before him have said in order to win elections. It is campaigning. McCain is praomising many things as well, but know what he is promising you. I really want to encourage you to know where you stand on the issues that we face as a country and then do some research to see where Obama and McCain stand. Don't just vote for the one who you think is the most charismatic, or who you think would live to see the 2012 elections. Know who you are voting for and be certain that he, whoever he may be, is the one who you want to be running our country for the next 4 years.

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liz! said...

you're gonna be a good journalism major =]