Friday, August 21, 2009

Kari Anne!

This is my friend and "sis" Kari! I love her SOOOO much and tomorrow she is leaving to go to college like 90 miles away. :( Now, I know its not forever, but its still for a while. See, she is pretty awesome... we have laughed at random jokes, cried when sad things happened, wrestled each other in the soapy slip in slide at camp, and annoyed each other with silly accents and poking.. I'm definitely going to miss not having that ALL of the time. I'll miss our Cherry on Top trips.. especially ones in BIG vans that smell like dirty. ;) Of course she is going to come back home every once in a while, and I will, Lord-willing, go visit her, but I'll miss seeing her every Sunday at church!! Bottom line, she is leaving and I'm sad, but excited for her cause it's going to be an awesome growing opportunity for her! Kari Anne is Uh-Mazing and she's gonna ROCK in College!!! :)

The End! :)

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