Friday, March 27, 2009

Purity Message

THIS is the best purity message I have ever heard.

From Generate at Crossroads Church.

(It IS kinda graphic, but it speaks the truth!)

Also, its 50 minutes long. So spend 50 minutes listening to this message instead of going on myspace/facebook/twitter/youtube... or playing video games and doing things that aren't productive. This message is worth the listen. Even if staying pure doesn't seem like an issue for you, listen to this. It will speak to you.

(Click on the "THIS" at the beginning of the blog to view the video.)


Jacob said...

The best purity message I've ever heard is Sex and the Supremacy of Christ by John Piper (who else, right?). There's two of them and they are SOOOOOOOOOO goooood. Really good. You should listen to it.

aprilmclean said...

Everything from John Piper is (This or that) and the Supremacy of God. hahaha!!

Jacob said...

That is true. He says the aim of his whole life and ministry is to lift of the supremacy of God in all things. So, it basically comes out in every message. But, seriously, those two messages, Sex and the Supremacy of Christ 1 and 2, are like my favorite messages by him.

aprilmclean said...

I'll have to listen to them. But you should listen to this one.