Thursday, October 23, 2008

Forming Such A Heart As This

A flame of desire is raging in my heart. A longing I have never experienced before now. So strong, that it cannot be contained any longer. The time has come for this want, to be transformed, and put into action.
This desire is so simple, but it's achievement requires more than just want. It calls for a heart willing to forsake all it has known, to be refined and discomforted in order that it may become that of a servants. A heart willing to listen to the commands given to it by the Father, and do as it is instructed to.
I have a desire to be refined. I want the Lord to refine me and rebuke me, and put me through trials, because I know it makes me stronger. I want this so badly, and I plead for the Lord to form such a heart of love and compassion in me. To give me the strength to forsake all comfort, and everything I have to be at His feet, broken and ready to serve Him.
I am crying out for the heart of a servant.

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