Friday, October 31, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama: President of the United States??? (Watch This!)

I am not saying that everything in this video is true. But think about it.Is this the man you want as our President for the next 4 years?

In my opinion, I think he has some sort of hidden agenda. He doesn't go into detail when he talks about the change he is going to bring about in our country. He simply states it will just be change. His background (And I don't just mean his religion or race) is very questionable. The friends that he has "chosen closely" have been people who embrace Marxism. He has expressed his admiration for a college professor he had who has openly expressed his hatred for Israel. Isn't America and ally to Israel? His influences, as he has said, include people like Jeremiah Wright (A preacher who believes in something called Black Liberation Theology, which you will hear about in the video), William Ayres (A radical anti-war activist who held many protests in the 1960s. A violent man who committed to bombing public buildings.) And Khalidi (His college professor).

Is Obama the man you want as President of The United States? I am not trying to tell you who to vote for, but the elections are in 4 days. Do ALL of the research you can on both McCain and Obama. See where they stand. Know where they come from. Determine whether they will do this country more good, or bad. KNOW the man who you are voting for.Don't vote ignorantly!

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