Saturday, November 1, 2008

Grandma Politics

I have mentioned before my passion for politics. I wouldn't say that I am a political buff, but I am aware of what is going on in this election right now. I know that it's been said "Two things not to bring up in a casual conversation are politics and religion." And I can see why. I was watching Sarah Palin speaking in Florida for the campaign this morning and my grandma was at my house helping my dad do something. Now, you must know that my grandma is all for Barack Obama. So every time Sarah would say something about Obama, my grandma would FLIP OUT! She got so angry saying things like "Yea, you're gonna go to hell for telling so many lies!" or "You know... I am surprised that a mother who claims to be so Christian would say something like that." I was irritated that my grandma got so upset over what Sarah Palin was saying. I had to remind her that BOTH sides are saying things that make the other side look bad. It's called campaigning. I like having calm, reasonable conversations with people about the problems in our economy, and who they believe will be able to fix it. But I get irritated when people get all defensive about it. Be mature and don't freak out. Just breathe! :)