Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Holiday "High"


Why does it take a holiday like Thanksgiving to make us think of the things we are thankful?

Why does it take a holiday like Christmas to make us see how much we should be giving?

Holidays seem to give everyone a certain spiritual/"good person" high and then a few weeks later, everyone is back to being exactly how they were before. Which can only mean that the "change" was because of feelings. Here is what I mean. When we live by feelings, we do things that we feel like doing at the moment, but the next moment, we are found doing something completely opposite. What I mean is that when we live by feelings, we are wish-washy. We go back and forth from one way of living to another. So during the holidays, people feel like being nice and loving and giving and thankful, but when the season is over and all the decorations are put away, the feelings of "Glad tidings of great joy" flee and people are left feeling selfish, hateful, thankless , and mean. Why is it that way? Why does it take holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas to give the Lord what He deserves? Are we not supposed to be bringing Him glory; to be giving Him thanks, ALL of the days of our lives? Living by feelings produces no integrity and no fruit. Living a life glorifying to God doesn't mean worshipping Him when you feel like it. Living a life glorifying to God doesn't mean serving Him when you feel like it. Living a life glorifying to the Lord means living EVERY day in submission to Him. Doing what He commands and asks of you, even if you don't feel like it. That is obedience. We need to be obedient to bring Him thanks and glory, not only on days like today, but every day that we live. He has given us breath every day, has He not? That is more than enough to be thankful for.

To Him be the glory and the power, forever and ever. Amen!


Shannyn said...

Yes, it is too bad that people are only thankful or giving around this time of year...but there are plenty of great people out there.

i'm reading a book called "Three Cups of Tea," it's hard to find at the library (it's a big hit right now) but it's a great story...I think you'd appreciate it!

Have a great day thankful as you always are! ;)

aprilmclean said...

Thanks! I'll look for it to read! :) Have a blessed day! :)