Sunday, November 2, 2008

M.G. (Mommy Gangster!)

I put this up, simply to show that my mom was a straight up G! I mean, look at her. Gangster looking face. She's throwin' up the sideways peace sign... Total G!
I love my mommy. I am going to be posting blogs about her until Wednesday. Reason being because her birthday is on Wednesday November 5th. Just remembering her. :)
HAHA!! This makes me think of her Mexican accent. Whenever she would talk to Mexicans, she automatically got a slight Mexican accent. My sister and I always used to poke fun at her, but I am sure she knew we were only joking. I love it. I love her and miss her tons!!
Psalm 116:15
His promises are true.


Liz! said...

haha i have to say, i really love these stories about your mom! the automatic mexican accent! hahahaha! that's hilarious! =]

aprilmclean said...

haha Yea.. it was so funny!! :)