Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh What A Day! :)

So, I was going to wake up and do homework and clean all day, but I had a change in plans. Usually when things don't go as planned, I get bummed out, but this plan was better. I got to hangout with the sister. We went to Victoria Gardens. YAY!!! (Oh, Kim! They have a store there called "Thomas Station" and its ALL Thomas the Tank Engine stuff! Just in case you want to take Elisha ;) )

We went to Pinkberry (of course), then we went to Anthropology (The greatest store ever!), The Apple Store (That's a given), and lots of other stores!! :) I know where I'm going when I get my first paycheck... or I should say IF I get my first paycheck. ;) jk.

Today was good. Now I am going to attempt to do 2 weeks of homework in 16 hours!! :D

I need more discipline when it comes to these things.. Oh man!! haha

Here is me and my sister with our YUMMY frozen yogurt. (She got original [plain tart] with just capt'n crunch cereal and I got original with strawberries and capt'n crunch cereal [ my fave!])

Peace in the Middle East, YO!


makcik rokiah said...

exactly same with ur mom smile...

makcik rokiah said...

hye april..u can call me linda ;)

thanx 4 dropping using 'bahasa melayu' in my blog..hehehe..

kadian said...

hahaha that is crazy!
strawberries + captain crunch = pinkberry = delicious!!!

Kim said...

I forgot about that store. I actually saw it there when Elisha was a baby. I'll have to take him soon, He would LOVE it.

aprilmclean said...