Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mommy and Chili

My mom made the BEST chili. Always cooked to perfection! One bite would make your ears would get hot, but at the same time, it was perfectly sweet. OH! And the corn bread!! :)
I love this picture of my mom. She looks so absolutely happy. I miss her so much... I can't believe tomorrow is her birthday. Do you still recognize someone's birthday after their death? Hmm Something to ask God. I know that she was so excited for this election. Had she been able to see the outcome, she would be thrilled. She was an Obama supporter. She always had this sort of appreciation for minority groups, because of their struggles and what-not.
She is.. was, so beautiful! I miss her hands. :)

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Shannyn said...

Yep, my gram was an Obama supporter as well...and I know we miss them even more now.

all my love